Armistice Frequently Asked Questions

Armistice FAQ (pdf)

Are the Coopers holding another Armistice?

No - Cooper's Lake is the event venue that is being used for Armistice and has granted us permission to use the name.

Is the staff that ran the last Armistice also running this one?

No - Though there is some overlap in the organizations, the staff that ran the last Armistice will not be running this event. We do have it on good authority that they are willing to give guidance on things if we reach out to them for advice. Our staff consists of a few members of the original Armistice staff and individuals who are active with multiple organizations and have ample experience successfully planning and running events.

Is Armistice trying to replace Pennsic?

No one is trying to replace Pennsic. We just thought it would be fun to have another cross-gaming event where multiple organizations are welcome to have a weekend together.

Is Armistice an inclusive event?

Armistice welcomes everyone of every race, ethnicity, faith, sexuality, and gender. All that we ask is that you abide by the code of honor and chivalry and have fun doing it.

Why the name Armistice?

Oxford dictionary defines Armistice as an agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop fighting for a certain time; a truce. That is what the intent of the event is, a time that multiple organizations can put differences aside and share the joy of each of our societies.

Which group is sponsoring the event?

This year's Armistice is officially sponsored by the Buirg of Cnoc Fraochan, a Lawrence County division of the SMA. The Senior Staff includes members of the SMA, Warbands, EMP, and other Contributing Organizations. Much like the first Armistice, the staff wants this event to be a collaborative activity between multiple like-minded organizations.

Why the SMA?

The SMA has the lowest cost liability insurance required by the site owners, and has an active local branch in Lawrence County that is available to take point on sponsoring the event. They are also willing to incorporate rattan, steel, fencing and foam fighting conventions into their organization in order to support martial activities.

What is a Contributing Organization?

These are organizations with a proven track record of running fun events and have committed to helping provide resources to running the event. Since the event is fairly short, only a limited number of these organizations can be included. The initial group of Contributing Organizations came together to give this vision substance. The Event Steward may select additional organizations depending on the needs of the event. However, individuals can volunteer to assist, regardless of affiliation.

What if our group wants to run something at the event?

Please reach out to our Event Stewart to discuss how to become a Contributing Organization if you would like to be involved in the planning of the event. At that point we can discuss the representatives of your group and the level of involvement that your organization would like to have in the event. Individuals can also reach out to our Battlefield Coordinator, Social Activities Coordinator, or University Chancellor to discuss your activity without being a Contributing Organization.

What is there to do other than fighting?

We are planning a university, a few gatherings, some games and maybe even dancing. If you would like to coordinate an activity of your own, please reach out to our Battlefield Coordinator, Social Activities Coordinator, or University Chancellor to discuss your activity.

Will Armistice honor the banned list from other organizations?

Due to liability issues, we do not have access to official banned lists from other organizations. Restrictions on admittance are limited to Cooper's Lake Campground and Event Staff discretion and policies.

The original event was 10 days long, why is this only a weekend event?

The original event was intended as a “one off” in place of the widespread cancellation of major events due to COVID-19, many of the people who attended expressed a desire to reprise the event. We felt that the best way to achieve this was to start with a weekend event.