Armistice Merchant Information and List

Merchant Information

All Merchant Applications must be submitted by May 3, 2024 or they will not be considered. The first wave of decisions concerning Merchant Applications will be sent out to applicants as soon as May 30, 2024. Please complete this application electronically or print and scan the completed application. All Merchant printed applications or questions should be sent to: Merchants will not be able to set up on site without confirmation of approved application and a copy of liability insurance with the “Cooper’s Lake Event Venue and Campground” endorsement.

Merchant Application

Munitions Grade Arms

Rattan, Helms, Armor, Rattan weapon fittings.


Miriam’s Longship

Used silk saris, yarns, fiber art supplies, cutlery, horn wear, feast gear, felt products, drinking mugs, felt shoes and hats, and much more.


Sharp Pointy Things

Knives, swords, accessories, cloaks, limited other garb.


Podling’s Place

Podling’s Place has a variety of historically inspired garments and accessories to help you complete your character’s impression. Stop by to see what we have for you.


Ancient Ateliers Co

Mediterranean garb boutique selling clothing jewelry accessories and some roman and Greek blades and house wear.


Knights of the Classroom, LLC

Hand-made chainmaille including cultural historical jewelry, knight and squire chains, custom pieces for awards, elevations, garb, ornaments, sculptures, games, etc. Chainmaille repairs, tutoring, and supplies. Also planetary globes including SCA, medieval and fantasy.


SinfulSkins leather Clothing and Accessories

Leather clothing armor pouches bags and accessories.


LeEllen Expressions

Beads, Minerals, Stone Carvings and other stone-related items.


LeEllen Expressions

Beads, Minerals, Stone Carvings and other stone-related items.


Revival Leather Goods & Adkins Historic Reproduction

Shoes and leather goods, gamebesons and armor.


The Bored Housewife

We cover all your garb needs, from fighting to feasting finery!


Delights of Cathey

Food concessions.