Contributing Organizations

Society of Medieval Ages

The Society of the Middle Ages, Inc. (SMA) is a 501c3 educational reenactment group dedicated to researching and attempting to recreate the cultures of the European Middle Ages (400-1500 AD), including parts of the Near East and northern Africa affected by the Crusades. We reenact combat using a variety of weapons forms from foam to rattan to steel, as well as archery and thrown weapons. Our crafts & trades are reproduced through a growing and comprehensive guild system. Although a relatively new organization, we have significant growth in the central and eastern USA and several startup groups in other parts of the country. If you’re looking for a slightly more authentic historical research club that still has all the fun of acting out a detailed persona, come talk to one of us about our experiences.


Warbands Battle Game is an adrenaline-pumping experience, blending history and fantasy, strategy and action in a simulated battlefield using safely padded medieval-style weapons. Warbands uses padded, cloth-covered facsimile medieval weapons, designed and tested to allow armorless, full-force, full-contact simulated combat without causing bruising. Engage in epic clashes, strategize with your team, and unleash your inner warrior in a safe yet intense gaming environment. Feel the thrill as you plan tactics, master combat techniques, and conquer your opponents—all while immersed in a dynamic, interactive adventure that brings out the true essence of battle. Be the hero! Live the dream!

Empire of Medieval Pursuits

The Principality of Solara is Geographically located in the north eastern US, stretching from Georgia to New York and from Alabama to our members in Michigan and Wisconsin. The Principality of Solara is a vassel land mass within the newly founded Kingdom Of Sumaria within EMP, which covers the east Coast of the US. Our combat opportunities include padded weapons/ boffer, rapier, cut thrust, rattan, combat archery, thrown weapons and live steel full contact. Our basic rules set is three telling blows per round, no acting out blows. Keep fighting until three blows have made contact or unless your opponent calls substantial! A substantial blow is a blow that would have actually killed you in battle as in unarmored area of the arm pit or groin or a face thrust on an open faced helm. Punching, kicking and grappling are allowed and accepted as baseline for all melees but a gentleman’s agreement between fighters on duels is set before the round. Agreement of the rules in duels can allow for adjustments. The whole body is a target so shin protection is required of at least tall leather boots or leather covering. Full 360 degree engagement is active upon the command to fight but also being mindful of blindside hits.. “Be Excellent to one another !”