Armistice University Information and Schedule

For information regarding the University, please contact the Chancellor Madoc Arundel at


The Academy will be starting out fairly small this year. We are currently planning for 1- and 2- hour class blocks throughout Friday and Saturday with Thursday afternoon and evening available if we receive enough class registrations to warrant the extra time. We are starting with two classrooms available and have the option to add a third if needed. If you wish to register as an instructor, please fill out the Form. The classes will be listed as they are approved, and the final class schedule will be posted once all time slot negotiations are complete.

Instructor Form:      Click Here.

Crafts & Trades (Arts & Sciences)

Whether your organization is a hardcore reenactment group with strict criteria for display or a LARP with only a passing nod to historical adherence, each group has those who engage in, enjoy, and excel at the production of historical and/or period-esque craft projects. The University staff is currently negotiating for space on site in which artisans of all types might display their projects and get feedback from those who have "gone before." As part of that effort, we are asking for each Contributing Organization (as defined by the Armistice Event Steward) to nominate up to two "champions" to participate in an interorganizational competition. Each champion will be asked to present one project (a single item or collection of items that make up a set) for assessment by a set of evaluators chosen from across the spectrum of Contributing Organizations. More details will be posted here as plans develop.

Additionally, we will be asking for volunteers to act as evaluators for this activity. Once we have the details of the competition set, we will post instructions on how to volunteer.


The Academie Ludorum Alendiatis will be hosting a variety of period table games throughout the event. Details will be posted here as plans develop.